Roblox Golden Bus Awards

Roblox Golden Bus Awards



The teams are made up of a total of 6 members. There will be one team per network / group represented.
Each team will be made up of :

  • 1 Representatives – To represent the group / network
  • 2 Attendees – To participate the trials
  • 3 Substitutes – To replace attendees in case they are not available

A player can only be part of 1 team. Representatives will have to make sure each of their members are not already participating for another team.


To prevent cheating, most ratings will be made automatically, using beacons and checkpoints for each trials.
Each trial will have their own rating plus a global rating of the team at the end of the competition.
There will be one rating made by representatives to rate other teams. Representatives won’t be able to rate their own team.