Roblox Group Shout to Discord Webhook

Hay Developers, I have been trying to figure out how to send a Roblox Group Shout to a Discord server via a Webhook. I have been working on this all day, but as my brain starts to go crazy over not being able to figure it out, im turning to you guys. Seriously anything you can can help. Thanks.

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Alright so is your man.It has the API which returns a groups data including all the details of a shout [body , poster etc…] The endpoint is :

Now to detect when a shout is posted a method I have in mind in a frequent interval send a request to this api with your group id , store the old shout data in your code and compare it with the new shout data. If they are not the same send a request to your webhook to post it in your discord server. This should work fine if your interval is good enough that it doesn’t violate the limits.