Roblox High School - Credits


Here’s a list of all the people who have played a role in making RHS as awesome as it is today:

Co-Creators of RHS:

  • Cindering [Scripter + GUIs]
  • Umbra_Crowspike [Builder]
  • MorphoPeleides [Builder]


  • Archaeic [Map]
  • xJennyBeanx [Map]
  • Myzta [Map + Furniture]
  • NWSpacek [Cars + Furniture]
  • NauticalRose [Map + Furniture]


  • Wonuf [Fishing Update]


  • Aesura [RHS Uniforms + Posters + Artwork]
  • Sheric [RHS Uniforms]
  • Wonuf [RHS Uniforms]

Music Composer:

  • KyleAllenMusic [RHS Soundtrack]

Clothing Designers in the RHS Mall:
Missmudman, J0VANI, Sheric, Mrmudman, Badghoulriri, SouledOut, Pastelly, and Nilvou

You: For playing Roblox High School!