Roblox image filter is utterly broken. [Especially Red/Orange colored images]

I was banned recently for 3 days uploading an image it came as more of a surprise because I’m usually just able to upload the image after two or three times but I got banned this time.

What I do is that I upload images of droppers for my games UI in my tycoon.

These were the blocked images:

filtered images





Idk what to do because I risk my account just to upload decals for use in my menus.

Go appeal them here

You need to contact Roblox Support to appeal the assets. There isn’t anything regular DevForum members can do to help the situation.

I’m fairly sure it says somewhere in the ToS if you attempt to upload assets which have previously been moderated they won’t hesitate to moderate your account further, so this is likely why you were banned.

I have… I’m still awaiting reply. I thought it would be good to point out the issue here as well because this seems to be a really big issue.

This isn’t exactly the place to bring awareness to issues - this category was intended for support with regards to development related problems.

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When they see it they’ll most likely allow the images and unban you, when I had to appeal my images it took them around a day to respond.

Is this not a development related issue? I’m sorry if I don’t understand. I thought it was a glitch at first when the image didn’t upload properly.

You can lock if you need to.

This category is for issues related to game design, this post is about being falsely moderated.

Moderation issue ~= game design issue

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Is there an appropriate place?.. I just saw some moderation topics here and thought it went here. I’m sorry.

I’m not a moderator so I cannot lock your thread.

The category is intended for solving peoples’ problems in relation to game design, such as helping you by telling you what to do with your moderated images. Pointing out broad issues such as moderation doesn’t fit too well in this category, so if you wanted to do that it might be better off in #development-discussion, so long as it meets the category guidance, hasn’t already been written and encourages discussion.