ROBLOX Infinite Sea Floor Issue

Well I’ve made an Infinite Sea Floor script so you can’t fall through the world cliently.

The problem I have is with is objects that has the NetworkOwner as nil, aka the server. My knockback function sets the enemy’s owner to server so it replicates smoothly instead of it being slow and for other syncing reasons. And the issue I have here is this.

Are there ways that I can make a infinite Sea Floor on server without it lagging?

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I’m a bit confused, but I’m guessing that you want it so the player can’t go below the baseplate.
If so, just change your knockback function, and other functions, to stop this from happening.

Has it proved to be very laggy on the server? Or are you theorizing that it would be laggy? Are you referring to lag with rendering, physics, or moving the anchored part around in studio?

Have you tried making the server’s copy of the sea floor invisible? It would still be a very large part, just wouldn’t be rendered on the clients.