[Roblox is updating...] Loop

A day ago Roblox was working fine…
But today when i tried to launch a Roblox game, the loading thing stays in “Roblox is updating…” and it keeps looping forever.

I tried Reinstalling, running Roblox from Roblox Studio but nothing worked.

so halp me
k thx bye

Try using a different browser, and check to see if RobloxPlayerBetaLauncher is being ran

If you are on Chrome, go to chrome://plugins, find RobloxPlayerLauncher, and make sure that it’s not somehow disabled.

EDIT: My bad. Misread the question.

I tried it on a different browser but i couldn’t see RobloxPlayerLauncher

If it was, the web page would ask him to install it

@OP: Contact info@roblox about this

Give me details on if it is PC or Mac. Desktop or laptop. What’s your hardware? What browser are you using? If it’s Mac make sure ROBLOX hasn’t silently launched on one of your other desktops. This is a rather annoying bug that I will get it fixed fairly soon.

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this happens often to me as well

Macbook air, laptop, safari ( is what i use all the time ) is up to date, I have mavericks.

hope my information helps!

Omar, can you confirm for me that ROBLOX hasn’t launched in one of your other desktops ? Try the three finger swipe and see if ROBLOX player is already running. This has happened to me personally and I want to fix this. Confirm for me when this happens and post here. i will track this thread.

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Confirmed, I double checked if I have any other desktops open, I do not they are all closed.

I did however open a new one and then closed it.

still the same.

Hmm, I am at a loss then. I will see if I can repro this bug on my end.

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