Roblox JSON to Discord Webhook is NOT working


This is a messy script I am trying to organise, it’s not working. It’s supposed to capture the text from a textbox and when you press Submit button, it sends the content to a Discord channel.

I want to add +

I want to add the username of the person who submitted it and a cooldown, but I couldn’t find anything online. Any idea? Thanks.

-- Vayouls 2023 TRADEMARK

-- Variables
local gui = script.Parent
local textbox = gui.MainBoard.TextBox
local button = gui.MainBoard.Button

-- Get the HTTPService and the webhook URL
local http = game:GetService("HttpService")
local url = "pretend a webhook is here, i'm not revealing the original one" -- Discord Webhook
-- Ayesha Webhook

-- Function
local function sendSuggestion(text)
	-- Create a table with the data to send
	local data = {
		["content"] = text -- The text of the suggestion
	-- Encoding JSON...
	data = http:JSONEncode(data)
	http:PostAsync(url, data)

	-- Get Text
	local text = textbox.Text
	-- NOT EMPTY Filter
	if text ~= "" then
		-- Send the suggestion to the discord channel
		-- Change the text back to the original one
		textbox.Text = "Write a detailed suggestion, it will be sent to our staff team"

Discord blocks requests that are sent directly from Roblox servers, you have to use a proxy.