ROBLOX keeps breaking outside studio

Game-breaking bug?


  • I found out that HTTP service involves this bug, there is nothing connected to the httpservice yet if I enable it, the game breaks.

Hey, I’m currently undergoing gamebreaking errors that ruin functionalities of my game.

It’s not easy for me to formulate the issue because I can’t describe it as if I know what it is; but here’s the deal, I enter the game in studio and I can play the game perfectly fine, features are there and working amazingly well. Here comes the big but, it doesn’t work on ROBLOX servers (Game-servers if that make sense)

I get the suspicion that the scripts aren’t resetting as you respawn when playing inside the actual game, where as in studio it does. The reason I believe this is because the scripts that run after dying (ResetOnSpawn screenguis as an example)

“EventReceiver” is a localscript that manages tweening doors open and so on to speak, and this is one of the localscripts that will not work after dying in the game (when respawning), yet in studio, this is just fine!

Plus, I’m not sure what these do to be exact, but they pop up when checking F9:

Aside from this, there is one more error I used to get but for some reason I no longer get (Take note I haven’t touched the scripts since I got these issues, as I thought it was a ROBLOX bug and well thats why I’m here right now.

I’m no expert when it comes to how ROBLOX manages their scripts and the diverse, but I couldn’t fetch assets within the game, that were obviously there, and as you can guess, this only happened in the game - not studio.

This gets amazingly confusing, because one day it brings another error than the last, then, I sit watching the same error run over 5 days, and these can not be because of the codes I have in the game, as I have not touched them since. But either way, the codes were simple like this:

-- Localscript, "EventReciever"
38. local RAnimation = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script:WaitForChild("R"))

Which returned:

If anyone has gone through something similar, or has a suggestion on what I can do to fix this issue, I’d be very happy to receive help → It’d also be nice to know what exactly ROBLOX did update, that could be related to this in any way?

It’s been frustrating to type this, I hope you take no offense in my way of wording or if it seems like a pity, but I feel like I can’t be the only one going through these erorrs or issues with my game.


Do you have a plugin that you used to setup your screengui? This would be my first suspicion.

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Yes, I use this:

But all it does is set scaling, etc. - doesn’t delete or touch the screengui itself, aside from scales

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I’ve found out this is an engine bug, and only roblox can fix it, if you ever get this aswell, here’s hopefully something that might help:

I remember there being a post about someone getting this error, and apparently the solution was to wait a little before calling :LoadAnimation. You could also try using Humanoid.Animator since Humanoid:LoadAnimation is deprecated and no longer supported (i.e. won’t get fixed if it breaks).