Roblox Loading Screen

I’m trying to play my game for testing purposes, but for some reason it takes forever it does the

Waiting for an available server. ()

but it reaches like 50, I thought maybe its a connection issue so i had other people test it but they quit saying it takes too long, i have 240+ images in the game and i think thats the issue ive tried asking for help on multiple platforms but here.

Now when i had testers 5/6 including me had loading issues so im not sure where to go from that except here.

The game:


Defintily overkill, might wanna try enabling streaming enabled if that helps or use viewport frames instead.

Also, same problem, loading takes a year.

Edit: If you cant, optimize ur pngs and lower the size using programs that do so. (Or actually just delete some since thats way too much)

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StreamingEnabled doesn’t affect image visibility, it only affects the range for which instances in the Workspace are replicated to the client. ViewportFrames won’t change anything either and there’s no point in using them where they aren’t necessary or applicable.


Just thought of as a replacement instead of using so many images.

Just thought of it as an option since usually when games take a long time to load, it could be because of part count or having to many parts in one place.

Speaking of which, @The_Pr0fessor, have you tried checking if your game has any scripts that could be causing lag or how many parts you game has in general?

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ViewportFrames are not a replacement for images. They serve two different functions - one displays an asset and another captures a viewport and puts it into a frame.

This doesn’t relate to images. I’m confused because first this quote was tied to images and now it’s for parts.

StreamingEnabled only sets a specific range of instances to be streamed in and out. It doesn’t necessarily affect the initial replication snapshot and it’s moot if part count is not a problem (which for most games, even intensive ones like showcases, this is not an issue which calls for StreamingEnabled).


Please mark this post as the solution, and also consider the category you put your next post in, as this post wasn’t suitable for scripting support - as there is no code provided/questions regarding code.

That being said, having many images will affect your loading times, and if you can find a way to move your images into code (if you are using decals for pets, make them viewport, etc) your loading time should improve. Overall, there’s not a lot you can do about it.

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I would suggest you to load the images after the loading screen.

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The purpose of a loading screen is to prevent playing a game until certain assets have loaded though. Loading after-the-fact or in the background defeats the purpose of a loading screen unless you’re preloading (which, even then, you probably don’t need one).

You can’t even load images before the loading screen disappears anyway unless the code is in ReplicatedFirst.

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I’m having the exact same problem with one of my games, only there are no images or anything on it. In fact it’s a pretty simple game without many crazy unions or scripts and it runs fine once you get in, and I am continually baffled as to why it won’t create new servers.

Here’s what I know:

It seems to be caused by parts, if I delete every part leaving the smooth terrain and all scripts, it loads immediately

If I delete sections of the map, it will sometimes load, but It seems that every part makes it load a little slower and no one object is causing it

I found a few broken unions which once deleted made it at least load, but the time it takes to load varies wildly from 1-4 retries to as many as 60. That is the situation in the game’s current state.

It really sucks because I’ve used many of the assets in the game in other games, and they all work fine. There are plenty of games out there with more parts/unions/scripts/anything, and they load way faster then this one.

The game:!/game-instances

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