Roblox Low-Poly / Texture Builder

Sorry this post is outdated. Im on talent hub with a new portfolio.

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Very Nice Low Poly Builds. Question, how much robux will it costs to buy a shirt and the owner gets a revenue of 100 robux?

I am sorry, but I do not currently have premium on my account so I only take group funds or Paypal. :frowning_face:

Don’t forget you can create game passes as payment if you don’t have premium :slight_smile:

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Thank you @ScriptedThunders
In that case @CommandoX9 it would be 1,000 since I don’t have premium or just to make it a bit easier, 500 would also be fine.

If you don’t have premium then 90% tax is taken off, so if something for 1k was bought you would only get 100 rbx…


I know @Broken_Chainz. @CommandoX9 wanted to know what he needed to spend to get me R$100.

Alright thankyou for your information on it!

So if the person had premium how much would it be?

With premium you still have a 30% tax taken from each sale. SO if he made a shirt for 1k, this time he would make 700R$ from it.

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