Roblox.lua chat bot

this module is not a web spammer

hi, today i made a module that lets you make chat commands from [fake] clients, this module is inspired by this post, discord.js and discordia. click here to get the module theres a list of functions and an example, my module deny request to make a token / client if it is from a client [hackers main].

i dont know what to do with @R0bl0x10501050 's reply, so heres it
@Loominatrx said me to edit this post to be more “profesional” :woozy_face:


local Roblox_lua = require(6600065067) -- module

local Client = Roblox_lua:Client() -- new client
local Token = Roblox_lua:RegisterToken('MyToken') -- make a new token
local Prefix = '/'

Client:Login(Token) -- login

Client.user:SetUsername('My Bot') -- change name

Client:On('Message', function(message) -- { content = string, author = player }
	message:ToLowerCase() -- make the message content lower case
	if not message:StartsWith(Prefix) then return end -- not running a command
	if message.content == Prefix .. 'bean' then
		Client:Reply('Apple') -- send public message


this image shows the bot responding first :pensive:
some menggokil

sorry if it is messy or short code because im not pro enough and im bad at english :flushed:

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Could you release the source here and some documentation?


i edited it 3 days ago, maybe now it is correct?

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