Roblox Ministries' Club

Robloxian Ministries is an online church based on Roblox. To reach out to more young people, we are creating a new ministry.

This ministry is a Bible study ‘club’ named ‘Roblox Bible Club’ managed and owned by Robloxian Ministries. However, people from all corners of Roblox are able to lead, volunteer, or participate in the club.

When are club meetings?

Club meetings are at 4:35p ET on Thursdays. This is a time when a lot of people in Eastern Time are out of school.

Thursdays are regular meeting times, however, there will be some special meetups.
What does the club do?

The club meets on Thursdays at 4:35p ET to read the Bible, share, and socialize with others.

How can I join the club?

All are welcome to participate in this new ministry. All you need to do to partake in meetings is join at a scheduled time.

Interested in becoming a leader? Message QuackingDuckQuack an application!

Keep these requirements in mind:

  • A Bible, Bible website, or app (Any version works)

  • Free time

  • Ability to explain and teach verses