Roblox Player freezes when pressing a key after joining any game

I started getting this issue a day or two ago. Upon joining any game, the Roblox Player will completely freeze if I press any key on my keyboard. I have tried reinstalling Roblox several times and I learned that joining a game for the first time after the reinstallation, the Roblox Player will not freeze; but the second time and every time after that, the same issue comes back. I tried restarting PC, updating graphics card drivers, running Roblox as administrator. Nothing has worked so far. I’ve only seen one or two people report a similar issue in the last few days on some Reddit posts. I don’t have any anti-viruses, chrome extensions, or anything of the sort.

PC info if needed

Windows 10
Ryzen 7 3800xt
RTX 3070
64gb ram

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also experiencing this problem as well.

Except, its actually possible to play if you wait 2 - 7 minutes without touching your keyboard.

External Media

OS: Windows 11
32 GB ram


Hey @alex_ander - thanks for the report, let me get in touch with the team.


Thanks, please update me on the status of this bug because it is a major issue for me


Just wondering, it’s been a few days, are you still experiencing this issue? I’m hoping other people come forward because this issue is extremely inconvenient


I’m getting an issue where my Roblox just white screens. Specs: win11, i7-7700k, 1080, 32gb ram.

And yes, I have tried reinstalling, clearing cookies, and several other things to fix it, but nothing is working. Even on 9/27/23, I’m still having this issue.


I have been experiencing this issue too.
Perhaps it is a Hyperion issue, detecting any user as an exploiter and crashing their game?

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Are any developers going to read this?

I don’t know, but I am still getting this issue.

It’s not just you, I’m also experiencing the same problem. If I press any key on my keyboard, my client instantly freezes, and I have to end the task in task manager. However, if I keep trying to join the game like a million times, it eventually works.

I tried this method and it actually works well for me


Same! Perhaps it takes time to disarm Byfron?

I have no idea. I’m honestly not very familiar with Byfron apart from it’s some sort of anti-cheat that Roblox has recently required :P

A potential solution is to wait 2 or so minutes and then use an autoclicker (Spam key presses). This is a bit tedious but works, so it doesn’t matter.

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