Roblox Racing

Roblox Racing is a fun game similar to Mario Kart that I recently came across. In this game, your goal is obviously to win the race. However, once your vehicle catches on fire from hitting obstacles, your vehicle will explode (unless you use an extinguisher) and you will be out of the race. There are powerups along the way including boosts, superballs and ice which can be used to gain an advantage on your opponents. While the game needs much improvement (the GUIs, being able to flip your vehicle), I believe that it has a lot of potential and is still very enjoyable.

Pictures: :DDD

Tracks look good, have a good atmosphere.
Game works fine. Nothing broke.
Refrains from using the “ROBLOX Racing” decal that’s been floating around since 2008.

Tracks are boring. A few of them are just drag races. In the 7 rounds I played, only 1 track had any major turns in it. Also are too wide, and even with 6 players it feels like you can get lost because of the width. Also, the width and spread makes the powerups extremely ineffective.
Cars drive bad. Aren’t arcade in the sense they slide around but have grip, have a constant over-steer and under-steer feeling that makes them unpredictable, although it is hard to pick out the exact driving feeling due to the lack of turns.
Cars are too fragile and are easily ruined by rammers. This would be even worse if the tracks had turns.
The camera is just horrible. The lag causes it to go behind the car, and you are limited in what you can see. Plus, I just personally hate the roof view in every game I’ve played.

Has potential, but needs work.