ROBLOX servers - Americans not able to join Australian servers?

hey there!
i dont know whether this is in the correct forum or not.

however, I own a league with 60 or so signed members, spanning from across the world, and recently we have discovered this issue which disallowed Americans to join Australian servers, and if they force joined via the server list, they would receive a grey loading screen, howqever when the Australians tried to join the Americans servers, they were able to.

we tried to experiment with a “hub” feature, which is a universe, which has the games inside of it, like starter pitch and so on, which force teleports players to games of their choosing, however, Americans were still unable to join Australian servers, therefore they just made a new server, or had a grey loading screen.

grey screen that the Americans experience:
afl hub:

how would we be able to fix this?


This is in the wrong category, this is about “Roblox” website features. So it’s supposed to belong in the discussion category.