Roblox signs me out every night around Midnight

Every night around 4-6 minutes after midnight, Roblox signs me out. This happens regardless of what I do. I’ve reset my cookies, I’ve removed every reference to the Roblox site, I’ve disabled different extensions to see if that’s the problem. My assumption is it resets my cookies but only for * as my devforum is logged out, I get the cookies are being used messages on the documentation site. If I shut down my computer at night, I can get on just fine however 4-6 minutes after I load up chrome, it resets the cookies once more. I’ve tried marking it to remember my 2 factor however it forgets that I mark that and I have to do my 2fa every single time I log in.
This has been going on for multiple months now and I’m starting to get really tired of having to log in again. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but I’ve searched for this many times without success.

I am using Google Chrome latest stable release.
For clarification, cookies are only being reset on any site on the domain.
I have no new extensions from when it was perfectly fine and have tried disabling LastPass without any success.
@zovaul has also reported having this issue on the Chrome browser.


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