Roblox Status Live (v2) - The better, automatic Roblox down detector

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Created with :heart: by @iiPythonx and @Crcoli737

Hello developers,

I hope this topic finds you all doing well.

If you all have recently looking through the #resources:community-resources category, you may have seen the original Roblox Status Live thread. If not, here is a general run down.

Roblox Status is a fast, efficient, and effective alternative service to other websites such as,, and Roblox Status+. Roblox Status Live uses the Roblox API endpoints (Ping Times and Status Codes) to determine if various Roblox services are working and/or working correctly. (We hope to integrate an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engine in the future as well.)

Now version 2 of our website introduces many, many new features including:

  • New UI layout and mobile support
  • Historical Downtime and Uptime Data
  • Roblox Uptime Detection
  • Smarter Outage Detection and Outage Detection Interfaces
  • More Advanced API Coverage (and better API in general)
  • Improved Site Performance
  • Database is now open-source and public
  • Project is open-source and public

Links and ways of access

Here are a few ways that you can access Roblox Status Live:

That’s it for now! Looking forward to seeing your feedback below.


Suggestion: Add an API endpoint for retrieving the result.


That could be really interesting, I’ll have to see what I can do.


Very nice! I’ll be checking this a lot.


Thanks! I’m glad that you like it.


The website works! Could you maybe add what part of Roblox is not working when it’s down? The time right now would be considered to test out.


Roblox Status Live
Created by QuantumPython (Crcoli737) and iiPython.
Current Roblox Status:
Roblox is currently down!
It looks like Roblox isn’t working properly! We’ll change this page when Roblox is back online.

Ping Time: 62ms | Roblox has an active incident.

What? When I go to Roblox it’s fine.

Can’t send images on mobile rn, maybe it’s a mobile bug?


Beside the ping time will show what the problem is if the site happened to go down.

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Roblox was having issues in some parts of the world.

Remember it’s not always going to affect you. If it affects other people it will throw a red flag as well.

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Amazing.For sure going to use this maybe set up a notification system so it sends an alert or a lag watch for you to check on your game and roblox’s Status.

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For sure! I had that on my old system that sent emails but I’ll incorporate that into this one.

Edit: I’ll also probably publish an asset that sends notifications in games.

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I like that. Thank you for responding so soon.
I was wondering is there a way we can know for sure that roblox is down and not your website bugging/ What precautions have you took to prevent this?


As said in the original topic, there are 4 major determining factors when checking if Roblox is online.

The first one checks the status code, if it’s anything other than “200” the website did not reply with an “Aight we good, here’s the data.” It replied with something like “Oops, don’t know what you’re talking about, sorry.” This is a major factor when checking if Roblox is up or down.

The second one checks for internal site errors by checking the elements on the page. So the website may return fine and dandy, but it could be a builderman error or some other problem. This also catches the “Roblox loads but doesn’t load the content.”

The third one checks with the Roblox Status website, if there is an active incident on the status site, then there’s a problem. Simple as that.

The fourth one checks for elevated ping times, I’m not going to explain ping times in-depth but essentially it’s the time that it takes the server to reply to the client’s request, if the ping times are high, the service is crashed or about to crash. Really clever. (The maximum ping time allowed is 3 seconds.)

Hopefully that cleared it up a bit! I know I didn’t do that good of a job explaining it in the original post but, since you asked, there it is.

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Thanks for sure will help me and others.


oh yeah, totally forgot about that.

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This has been implemented.



Thanks @iiPythonx!

Everyone else, I’ll write up an update log for everything that changed.

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Update 1

  • Added an api functionality that returns Roblox status and average ping time. (Thanks @R0bl0x10501050!)
  • Added 3 for a total of 4 worldwide servers for determining if Roblox is up or down.
  • Added some backend code for sending in-game notifications to players when Roblox is down.
  • Added backend code for sending automatic emails to subscribers when Roblox is down.

Make sure to continue leaving your feedback below. We want to hear it!

Thanks @iiPythonx!

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It seems Ping in some form is heavily tied with this website. If the user has a poor internet connection, the results could appear faulty. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to ping roblox specific API endpoints to see if they retrieve a status code?

Also your type of resource has already been made before, which do happen to be more intuitive than this:

The post linked above isn’t the only one like this resource, and upon deeper digging you’ll discover more resources just like yours, but I like the effort anyways. Just don’t see why we would use this one when things like Status+ give in-depth settings and such.

I also believe they’re adding more ways to access Status+ without discord so

Anyways nice resource anyways


I’ll draw some inspiration, perhaps check the APIs rather than the website.
Thanks for your feedback.