Roblox Status Live (v2) - The better, automatic Roblox down detector

You would be correct, the publish API is used for creating assets, including audio, badges, games, and plugins.

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Development Update

Hello Developers,

We are coming to you with some very exciting news. Roblox Status Live can now be installed on (almost) any Linux computer with just one line of code!

sudo wget -O /bin/rcd && sudo chmod +x /bin/rcd && rcd help

Notice: This script is still a work in progress and will have future updates. Do not use the script in production deployments, for development use only.

Hope you all enjoy!

Seems like the site is down

Your website is down it says its a host error

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Can confirm it’s still down, any update @iiPythonx or @Crcoli737?

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Recently @Crcoli737 took over hosting the site rather than me.
I’m afraid I can’t do anything about it.


you guys need to improve your uptime, if youw ant people using your service.

Hell, even repl it with uptime robot can easily go up for 2 months


The problem as of right now is @Crcoli737.
I’m not sure what happened, but he stopped responding to me about the time the site went down.

When I was hosting RSL, it was running on a physical machine; Crcoli was using Proxmox last time I knew, don’t know if that’s part of the issue or not.

Then again, I can’t even check if the site is up or not, as he banned my IP from my own service.

I don’t know what else to say, if you need Roblox status information check out Status+.

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Update: I pointed a quick subdomain to my already running local instance.

Not sure how long I’ll keep it up for, but I’ll at least maintain it until the main page comes back online.

Hey guys,
I was out of the office this week and was without electronics, I have diagnosed the problem with the server, the power went out and the virtual machine was misconfigured (start at boot). Currently migrating the machines to my other proxmox machine. RSL will be online again soon.


That was because I forgot to unban you after that test DDoS thing.

Sorry, pal :slight_smile:

RSL Downtime Finished

Hello Friends,

I recently switched the RSL machine to the production server and should never go offline unless my house burns down or my internet goes out.

you also have to pay for electricity too. Not a good option

maybe try Ovhcloud?


They amount of electricity it pulls is negligible since it is pretty much idle all the time and I don’t pay for electricity (mom and dad does and they don’t care).

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Update to RSL game plugin

Made the code cleaner and increased checking intervals so I’m not getting DDoSed.

Speed and Reliability Update

Further decreased ping times by transferring RSL to an SSD based and hardwired Proxmox instance resulting in increased bandwidth and decreased ping times.

I also created another catalog model which more efficiently checks if Roblox is online or not, the model is found via the link in the post above.

Hope you all enjoy!

Now I know where to go if DownDetector somehow dies. Well done!



Hello Developers,

Roblox Status Live, as well as the status API will be down for a few minutes while we work on the DNS records, but will be back up soon!


I think the website is down, I have not been able to get onto it for a while. @Crcoli737. (

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I am working on fixing the issue shortly.