Roblox Studio Crashes on specific place

This is a problem I’ve had for months now. Everytime I try to open a specific game of mine, It takes forever to load for me to even move my camera around in Studio. Instead studio crashes. This does not happen to any other place at all.
The only fix I found was to re-install Studio literally every time I want that place to load, and it works perfectly fine, until I try to re-open the place and the issue happens again, and I have to re-install once again.
Another weird problem is that even the Roblox Studio Installer keeps crasing while installing, having to reopen the installer every time it crashes, somehow It IS keeping the installing progress It had before, so I keep having to re-open the Studio installer for it to install a little bit more each time until It’s finally fully installed. I have no idea why this keeps happening. If anyone has a solution I would appreciate that.

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can you send the crash logs of studio? that might give us some insight