Roblox Studio is being slow

Not sure if it is just me but recently roblox studio has been really slow, on average my games loading time is around 5-7 seconds, in the last hour it has varied from 20-30 seconds.

The animations which I’m preloading is also not even appearing for a few seconds.

I don’t think its my connection which is the issue because when I tested out the game in the Roblox Client it was perfectly fine as well as when I play other games my connection is quite good.

Not sure if this is the right category but any help would be appreciated.


Definitely happening to me aswell, the player’s body parts are all transparent when I first load in

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Has it fixed itself for you yet? it seems it is still happening for me.

On second thoughts, It looks like it fixed itself.

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100%, used to be able to load studio without seeing the studio home page with all the starting files & without seeing “loading place” but now i see both every time :skull:

as for testing, I don’t test in studio so idk about that :man_shrugging:

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This is happening to me too, playtest start times (specifically the time between hitting the Play button and game.Loaded firing) have gone from ~20 seconds to several minutes. I have spent more time today waiting for tests to start than I have actually scripting.

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Still occuring. Empty baseplate takes 3 minutes and 17 seconds to load.

EDIT: reinstalling studio does not help. I only have a few plugins which are all widely used and known.