Roblox Studio Isn't working Properly

I am trying to build something but when I try clicking toolbox (I’m trying to use my old models, not for free models) or click move select, size, rotate, etc. it doesn’t work. I can only currently make scripts.

Please Help me soon.

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This is a problem most people are experiencing at the moment, try opening roblox studio on your desktop app instead of website directly. Or, open a new place and overwrite it with your previous builds.


There have been threads regarding this issue consider doing a quick search and see what solution that’ll work instill the issue gets resolved. This is related to a known bug it’s currently a bug that’s been reported already this may be what you’re experiencing related to Roblox studio tools broken, I’ll keep an eye on the existing thread and see when this get’s fixed.

This is a problem with the tools regarding (toolbox, scaling, terrain editing tools,) you should keep a eye on the existing thread and look for updates on the issue. See here:

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