Roblox studio lighting not as same as in the game

Hello, I was working with lighting till I realized the lighting when joining the game on website was different.

Studio quality:

Roblox quality:

Studio render settings:

I also asked two of my friends to test and see what they see and I got the same result.
I am very confused as to why this is happening as I can not figure it out and there are no tutorials on youtube. As for devforum I did not know where exactly to find and then after a bit of wandering found nothing.

What type of lighting technology are you using? [Ex: Compatibility, ShadowMap, etc.]

I am using future lighting for my game. I dont think that matters in this cause but i was using both future in my test.

Have you updated your game so the changes actually save? (For changes to save, you need to re publish the game.) You might have not updated the game after you changed the lighting technology or the light.

I have published the game with new lighting.

Since you provided a little more information on what technology you where using the new technology lighting it isn’t live at the moment, if your lighting isn’t working when in-game it’s only studio. I would try using another lighting technology if your still wanting to achieve that sort of lighting effect to show while in-game.

There’s been a few updates coming out on the thread including “notes” and such so it’ll probably be coming sooner then later you should keep an eye on the thread, and wait when new updates get pushed out once it’s fully releases and live in games and not just studio: Future Is Bright: Phase 3 Studio Beta .

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Search before posting: Lighting very different in game vs studio?