Roblox studio Problem With the select tool function and lock part function (Glitch Maybe)

Hello, While I was editing it happened that the arrows to select parts no longer appear, and only the windows default arrow appears and does not allow me to easily select the parts.

Here an video of what happens:
Glitch lock Tool:

is happened to you too?
is A studio bug?

Thank you.


1 Open and close roblox studio

2 ReDownlad Roblox Studio

3 unlock the part

that its i do

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Hello, I’ve already tried what you say and it doesn’t work
I also noticed now that the lock tool is not working


try ungrouping it or restart ur pc

In other places it works … I can’t explain why in the place where I was editing it doesn’t work.

I think the same thing happened to me with the sounds, try also deleting the model and doing it again or else download the place and rewrite it in the place of the original place

It seems like an unknown place setting that disables the hand that selects parts.
I leave this topic open and I hope someone has some answers regarding this.

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I don’t have a good idea honestly but il come back.