Roblox Studio Script Error

Hey, So i tried making this piggy game with the Alvin Blox kit and videos, But I encountered this error in the output while scripting, I’m sure that I’ve not misspelled anything. Please help me with possible solutions to remove this error! Thank You!

Error: 01:58:17.325 ServerScriptService.Game Logic:34: attempt to call a nil value - Server - Game Logic:34

Coding part

Edit: Also i think this might be helpful, this part of script does the work of teleporting the players to a certain map in the spawns called “PlayerSpawns”.

And what line of error is this? For ex


It would show a Line 1 error, can you elaborate on what line is giving you a error?

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Can you show more of the script can’t really understand what it’s doing with 3 lines


its giving the error on the 34th line. It says that the value is nil, and i don’t know which value.

ok here’s the full script.

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Alright, can you do this for me and see if this works

Round.TeleportPlayers(contestants, game.Workspace.Baseplate

Can we see whats in the module script aswell?

ok, here you go.

full Round Module script 3

Its just not happening, no matter what I do! :frowning:

Oh, you mistyped the function with an s

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Tysm! I’m literally so mad at myself because I didn’t notice it!:rofl: :rofl:

Aha you’re fine! Everyone makes mistakes, so it’s not a big deal!

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