Roblox Studio security settings are not saving on team create games

I’m sorry if this is the wrong category.

But when i try to change security settings in my friend’s game, nothing changed and it says that it failed to save, and a error pops up in output.

I want to simply allow third party teleports so i can teleport all players that join to the new game, since were moving to a group.

Try refreshing Studio? Also make sure that the uh game is published

It is published, its the old game, and i also refreshed studio countless times.

And also, i can enable the setting, but pressing save makes a error pop up saying: “Could not save game settings” and the giant error pops up in the output.

Is it a personal game or a group game? Are you the owner of the group if it’s a group game?

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No, its a non-group game owned by my friend.

Ask your friend to try. The 403 error implies a permissions issue for yourself. I’m not sure if it’s intentional due to the nature of the security settings, but if you can isolate whether it only happens to non-owners, then you have more information.

Try to recreate it on a new game under the same circumstances (you being a non-owner on a personal game) and see if the same happens. If so then it’s repeatable and you can create a bug report for it.