Roblox Team Spawns not working

I have a script which teams a user once the stage is completed, script is here:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

if Players:FindFirstChild(hit.Parent.Name) then
	local plr = Players[hit.Parent.Name]
	plr.Team = game.Teams["Stage Two"]

It DOES team the player, but it spawns them above the roof (on the same Y axis as the spawn though)
The spawn has the correct configuration but somehow broke due to something I did (it was working perfectly fine, and I haven’t altered any of the spawns??)

It spawns them just above the roof despite it being 30 studs higher, this may be a building problem but it occured whilst I editted a script (it wasn’t anything to do with spawns though, it is just a load character script)

Probably your spawn is so close to the roof, if that happens there’s no place to the character spawn, the only place it can spawn, its above the roof.

You can place the roof more higher, if that doesn’t help, reply me.