Roblox Terrain Killing Player

Not much to say, I generated some terrain, and now whenever I touch it, I die. Why?


Can you show a Video?

There isn’t much to help with


  • Do you have a Script in the Background?

  • Did you install a Malicious Plugin?

  • When did this Start Happening?

  • What have you tried?

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Do you have any scripts in that game?

Check if you are below the FallenPartsDestroyHeight

To do this:

Go into Workspace and check the Behavior tab

The Default is -500

Check your Y Coordinate by Adding Something there and then look at the position


No scripts, and no malicious plugins

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OK yeah, that was it, i wanted the terrain to be deep so i made it go pretty far down but that just made the terrain too low past the destroy height. I didn’t actually know FallenPartsDestroyHeight was a thing I just assumed it was based on the farthest down part

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You are able to change it, its not permanently set to -500

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