Roblox: The Multilingual Multiverse?


We all know Roblox is part of the multiverse. The multilingual multiverse, that is. Have you ever joined a game only to realize in a few seconds that the other players spoke a different language than you? It could be frustrating when you can’t communicate with another user.

For many of us, English was not our first language. Because it is the language of the Internet, it might’ve taken months or years to finally start playing with the majority of Roblox users.

But what about languages that make up the rest of the Roblox community? What if the game stayed silent because nobody could comprehend each other?

Big Question

What if we didn’t have to be separated by language barriers on Roblox?

A translator might come to use, but translating might require leaving the game and losing that server or be extremely slow. What if you need to communicate the very second words pop into your head?

Big Idea

What if we could learn languages through Roblox games?

I’m sure many of you have heard about @boatbomber’s Lua Learning game. I bet that because of it, you didn’t have to depend on random users in a Roblox game’s chat to learn Lua. This is the problem for many Robloxians. There is no designated game for language learning. Many are struggling to learn off of whatever resources they have.

Today I had an idea: “What if there was a Roblox game focused on language education?”

This game would demonstrate a single-player environment and mostly be revolved around GUIs with dictionaries, courses, and spelling.

I’m sure this idea will be beneficial to many, but there are also some cons.


  • Destroying language barriers
  • Free
  • Anyone can learn
  • Encourages more learning with the motivation of one day being able to talk to other Robloxians
  • Can benefit the user with real-life oppurtunities


  • Takes a lot of money. (Ads, developers, audios, etc.)
  • Not all words can pass the Roblox filter
  • Translation is not always accurate

I have yet to start scripting this idea, so what are your thoughts? Would be it useful in order to bring the Roblox community together?

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duolingo is free ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Although it may be free, it’s not the best resource to learn from. Grammar and verbs aren’t prioritized, so a sentence may come out like this:

I walking, so she walk, and they walks.

you’re supposed to do different lessons everyday instead of the same category, every language has the category sentences, numbers & time, verbs, adjectives, nouns and many other categories

every category already includes sentences:

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No, in fact, English is one of the easiest languages in the world, you can’t prove me wrong after leaning Chinese, Arabic or Indian.

All languages are arts, and none of them can be truly exchanged into one and another.

Finally, you can read about this topic

Eventually maybe Roblox will implement that, but for now, English is the best way for everyone to communicate.

Also, your topic is not a resource, it’s just an idea.
It goes in #development-discussion