i normally check what the script is inside to see if it is needed or not, a chair with one is useless and i wouldnt see much need for it. also if they have a link to a random model like 8349341 (thats not a real model) that thing has a good chance of being a virus

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what if the virus names itself coregui?

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i cant find anything im so confused! its like it doesnt even exist but it does this is so well hidden

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You used free models, now you must takes hours to remove scripts from it

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it doesnt mater if i dont even know how to find it

ok a good example would be this one

anything that is hidden deep within something is probably dangerous. and also the first two lines say it all

what are keywords that viruses use? fire(), clone() etc (or at least that the virus i have would probably use?

also what would the name most likely be? what if they named it to coregui?

things like “dont delete this script”, or things that are just useless to the main model

what stops themselves from naming themselves coregui???

nothing much really, maybe see if there is two named that? could be a problem then

Just, if you have a memory. Remember what your script are and delete any other script

They can’t have a coregui script class

i work with another guy. i dont really know all the scripts hes made. also what if its an essential script? are there certain places viruses can only be and places essential stuff can only be?

Then ask him, and maybe he haves a malicious plugin

are there certain places viruses can only be and places essential stuff can only be?

Workspace, and mainly where you put the models. I dont think they can moves by themselves

it could create a new folder and access like datastores to add scripts to folder. who knows it probably possible. lua is powerful

im going to bed. for tonight the issue remains unsolved

You could just delete the script. Since it’s requiring “6500274752” what you can do is press CTRL + SHIFT + F and search that number.

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I see if that works when i get on