Roblox widget gui stuck

So, I’ve spent a hour or two trying to get DevForm member so others who dont have DevForum access and see this issue and probably solve this.

Anyways! So when ever i open a plugin like Autoscale or UiDesign Plus The widget gets stuck into the corner of my screen, Or when i dual display. It gets stuck on my primary display. Heres a photo if you dont quite get me!
But it’s really hard to bring it up and then having to close it instead of have it in a fixed position of your liking’s. Help would be liked but hey thanks for reading!


Can’t you just click-drag it? My widgets sometimes get stuck in a set location but I can drag them to another set location in studio or make them a separate window? I’m still kinda confused about the question I might not of understood :grimacing:

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I’ve tried a lot clicking and dragging it, But I cant do it most of the time! all of my plugins look like this and i drag it around by the white part at the top, I have contacted roblox support about this and the person “Nina” Told me that “We cant really find a solution to this bug”


Unfortunately Nina is right for now. Make sure you have the latest version of studio, and that’s all you can do for now. Studio has lotssssssss of bugs pertaining to mouse tools :man_shrugging:

Yea… That’s what i’m going to do and just leave at that as there is really not a lot I can do. Originally i message the creator of the plugin as shown:
But his advice wasn’t as good, But hey all I have to do is wat for the devs of roblox to do some updates and hope one of those resolves my issue. But thanks for trying. I appreciate it

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Post inactive so imma just make this the solution