Roblox won't open on VM

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Recently, My friend wanted to play a remake of a game we used to play together all the time, I set up steam link so he can remote access my computer from his crappy chromebook, But we wanted to play together at the same time, So I setup a VM with a modified windows ISO and we were off to the races! Not yet though. My issue is that the web client straight up crashes as soon as i try to launch it, and the UWP version launches and works for 10 - 15 seconds then it closes and stays inside task manager as (what i presume) a memory leak, constantly sat at 3.5 mbs of ram, I am assuming this is just variables left behind after it was force closed by byfron, but anyways, How can I fix this so we can play together? I am using VMWare Player 17, My computer can run it perfectly at 2 cores 4gb vram and 12gb ram, He is using steam link to connect to the instance. Now anyways, How can I get past byfron’s VM check? I saw on the roblox help page that you need to enable GPU passthrough but I sadly cannot do that as I am on windows and only have 1 GPU. Any alternatives?

EDIT: This post serves as a new purpose. How can I enable a bunch of stuff to hide the fact that I am using a VM to roblox? I have transitioned from VMWare to HyperV as it allows better masking.

perhaps you can try gpu partitioning with hyper-v?

though i’m concerned that your hardware may not be sufficient to have two people playing roblox at the same time, you’ve mentioned you have a dual core system which im going to assume you’re trying to do this on an entry level laptop

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no, my cpu has 6 cores and i am on a high end gaming computer from 2018

and that was what i gave the VM, not my computer, i have a gtx 1660, 32gb ddr4, and a intel 9 series cpu

Is there a way I could seperate input? Instead of using a VM, could I run the web client and UWP version and what software would I use to stream the games and seperate input between them so my friend can use it?

you are looking for a multiseat solution

the only one i found is

but after 14 days, you need to pay

this is the only option you have as far as i know

Thank you! Ill be sure to try this out along with GPU partitioning :grin:

None of these worked sadly, GPU partitioning only works with windows 11 pro, And aster requires multiple GPUS.


I wish it was as easy as just creating another user, installing steam link. If anyone has any solutions or any good free online ways to play the PC version of roblox that would be amazing. I know exists but thats the mobile version, We need the PC version as the game we wanna play is PC only.


anyways, How could I bypass hyperion’s check? In all my vms, it never says “Roblox cant run inside of VMS”, The web client crashes and the UWP client works for 10 - 15 seconds then crashes and leaks memory.