Roblox Workspace Version Control

I’m setting up my in game shop to sell different items across different weeks. Each week, the shop design changes based on the offerings. How I’m currently doing it is to wait for the time and publish it. It’s rather troublesome to have to do this all the time. Is there any tool/function in Roblox that allows me to schedule these workspace designs to roll out at specific times?

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You have to use"%W") (week no. as Integer 1 - 52) to get the current week no., the work out from there which shop to show:

local nowWeek ="%W")   -- Current week of year
local changeFrequency = 4   -- How often to change shop
print ("Now Week", nowWeek)
local shopWeek = math.floor(nowWeek / changeFrequency)    -- How many 4 weeks cycles have passed
print ("Cycle: ", shopWeek)
local shopShow = nowWeek - (shopWeek * changeFrequency)    -- Get the no. of weeks since last cycle
print ("Show Shop: ", shopShow)
if shopShow = 1 then
    -- Show stripe clothing
elseif shopShow = 2 then
    -- Show starry clothing
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