[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Our front page game is not performance filtered and has disappeared from all sorts


30 minutes before I posted this report, I received a report that our game was not showing up on any sort, including recently played.

Steps to reproduce (can’t reproduce without another front page game, obviously):

  • Push Update (my TC is disabled)
  • Shut down all servers

Current statistics:

As my game is not being performance filtered, this is clearly a mistake that is causing my game to be completely unavailable to our user except through direct link, joining on friends or the group page - severely limiting any ability for us to operate (we just published a sale).

I have heard rumors of “shadowbanning” of games from sorts for reasons other than performance filtering, but no staff response has been provided officially about this, so I am assuming this is a critical bug and should be addressed as such (hence robloxcritical tag).

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