Roblox/Discord Management Bot

We did make our own discord server?

Oh you might be talking about noblox.js

Yes, most people that use a Discord To Roblox Ranking bot uses Noblox.js.

Yes most people do that as its the easiest way and there is no shame in using Noblox.js as even the most famous discord bot use it.

No, there is no “Shame” For people that use bots like that.

Why so many commands? I was under the impression that this was a roblox ranking bot, not a roblox rank bot and 20 other random commands.

Another point is that this is not something I would want to spend 400 robux on. It is unsecure on glitch, this costs nothing to do (I know how to make these systems) and there are just some way better services for this.

It’s not just a Roblox Management bot but its like an regular Discord Bot too with economy commands, Roleplay commands, Reputation commands, and admin commands for discord.

Believe it or not 400 is very cheap as some of these services cost real money and monthy payouts. This is a one time payment of 400 which is like $4 US Dollars.

Nothing is at risk as you are not required to store any data that could destroy your group if leaked as it does not get any of your cookies or anything. It also doesn’t use group funds in which I suggest giving your bot only permissions to change people’s ranks and set group shout (See group shout also) as it doesn’t require anything else.

Of course there is the cookie but that is deeply secure and our roblox account is also with 2 step-verify as thats the best we can do.

We are looking for a different hosting services but this is what we are using for now till we find one.

I think it’s not good to make it for 400 Robux because there’s many Roblox & Discord Management Bots for free like Vibez and Bloxcord and I think no-one will buy it for 400 Robux but I wish you the best luck. :sparkling_heart:

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Mostly, Ranking services like @HmmBilly and others use VPS for hosting since people don’t use glitch these days beacuase they have no security, and come-on don’t like critize the poor guy, like haven’t you heard man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.
He said he will get another hosting service.
I gave him tips on some good ones.

Yeah, but it doesn’t seem like he’s putting much money into his business. It’s almost like a lack of care for his protection of his clients.

Like I said,
“A man got to do what a man got to do”
Can we just give him tips for discord bot hosting?

What type of encryption are you using on this cookie?

Well, I think he is looking for another hosting website.

The bot has been released! If you wish you buy access to it, join our Discord Server and head over here:

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Have you even made any changes to anyhting you use, encryptions or anything?

Well, I think he is finding some.

Well, he is finding another hosting website.

Uhh what do you mean by that?

Due to an Issue, most users were kicked by a user and are all free to come back as that user is gone. Be free to join our discord again.

There are users claiming that we use the bot named qbot in which is false as we do not. We use our own coded script in which is secure and the people that say I use qbot is looking into my old glitch files and finding a very old version of the bot from a year ago in which is longer in use. They have tried to hack into the Discord Bot account but failed as they found out that was a old version.

Some users were banned from our support server due to issues but they are all unbanned and are allowed to rejoin and no harm was caused.