Robloxia School Group Handbook and Guide

Robloxia School Group
About Us
We are a group of players who role-play a school game which is operated with a group. We use a group to help with role-play and to prevent trolling and abuse and breaking ROBLOX ToS.


Low Ranks | LR
  • Janitor
  • Maintenance
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Teacher
  • Assistant Supervisor
Middle Ranks | MR
  • Supervisor
  • Counselor
High Ranks | HR
  • Assistant Staff Manager
  • Staff Manager
High Command | HC
  • Board of Directors
  • Head of Staff
Senior High Ranks | SHR
  • Head of Administration
  • Public Relations Officer
Super Senior High Ranks | SSHR
  • Vice Principal
  • Principal
Executives | EX
  • Vice President
  • President

Here are the rules you must follow to be able to play our game:
A number is located on the right side of each rule.
Each number stands for something: Example: [1-2-1]

First number:
1-Warnable Offense
2-Kickable Offense
3-Server Bannable Offense
4-Time Bannable Offense
5-Permanent Bannable Offense

Second number:
1-Warnable Offense
2-Suspendable Offense
3-Demotable Offense
4-Fireable Offense

Third number:
1-Player will be respawned
2-Player will be muted
3-Player will be blacklisted

Numbers with a “*” by it means it may result in a bigger punishment if it gets too bad.

All Players

(1-A) Always follow the ROBLOX ToS. [1*-1*-0*]
(1-B) Always respect the people higher ranked than you. [1*-1*-0*]
(1-C) Respect everyone, even if they bought their rank. [1*-2*-0*]
(1-D) No swearing! [2*-2*-0*]
(1-E) No Exploiting!! [5-4-0]
(1-F) No Hacking!! [5-4-0]
(1-G) No rudeness towards anybody. [1*-2-2]
(1-H) No threats. [2*-3-2]
(1-I) No spamming. [2*-0*-2]
(1-J) No mass spamming. [4-4-2]
(1-K) No glitching. [2-0-1]

LR Rules

(2-A) Always use grammar at all times!!! [1-3-0]
(2-B) Always respect others. [1-1-2]
(2-C) No abusing your tools!! [3-2-1]

MR Rules

(3-A) Never threaten lower ranks. [2-2*-0]
(3-B) Never abuse admin. [5-4-3]

HR Rules

(4-A) Never abuse your powers. [4*-4-0]

HC Rules

(5-A) Do not forget to log time bans longer than 5 days. [4-2*-0]

SHR Rules

(6-A) No freeranking players. [5-4-3]
(6-B) No abusing changing ranks. [5-4-3]

SSHR Rules

(7-A) No abusing powers. [5-4-3]
(7-B) No perm ranking people to admin in game. [5-4-3]

EX Rules

(8-A) No abusing anything you think is abusive or might be bad. [5-4-3]