Robloxian Warriors: v0.25 / Update Log

Here is the first ever fully documented update log for Robloxian Warriors: v0.25, which has not been released yet.

This update is the biggest update in the game’s history, so naturally, there’s a lot of details to cover. Put your reading glasses on!

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This update log is not yet completed, so information may be added or removed in the final product.

Please note the game is still very underdeveloped and problems are expected to occur. Reminder to please report any bugs/glitches/problems you come across and we’ll try our best to fix it ASAP with a Quick Patch.

Warfare Mode

New Content

  • New Team Capes for Warriors: Fun Fact: these were previously in the game but was removed due to us not liking how they looked, but they’re back!

    • The capes’ colors change to match that of the Warrior’s team color whom is wearing it
    • It will be easier to distinguish which Warriors are allies/enemies
  • You can now issue Divine Punishments on other players!

    • Players can expose themselves if they are exhausted from dashing. A Shield gauge will appear above players. Deplete the gauge to 0% by dealing damage to said player
    • If the gauge is completely empty and the attacker in within striking distance, the attacker can issue a Divine Punishment, dealing massive damage which can potentially eliminating the player
    • An animation will play along with the issue: this will be customizable in the future
  • New Gear added/re-enabled:

    • Revolver
    • LMG (Light Machine Gun)
    • SCAR (Special Combat Assault Rifle)
    • Wind Staff (was temporarily disabled due to game-breaking bugs)
    • Flamethrower (a Magic Gear; deals Burn damage)
  • Introducing the Battle Platform!

    • This is how Warriors enter current Battles
    • Team Crystals are now placed on top of this platform
  • New Spawn Towers on the battlefield:

    • There will be two Spawn Towers per team, each one can be placed separately
    • Each Spawn Tower heals any Warrior whose team color represents the Towers’ team
    • Tower barriers prevent enemy Warriors from infiltrating and blocks any projectiles from trespassing (all Warriors)
    • Each Spawn Tower also is equipped with a Shockwave defense mechanism: this will push away any enemy Warrior within the shockwave’s range, allowing the players inside to exit the Towers safely. This can be triggered by clicking on the light fixed on the ceilings
  • Overtime: this activates when certain conditions are met during the “end” of a Battle: this allows the losing team a chance for a comeback

  • Revitalized Keep Control game mode! It is now in the game mode rotation:

    • Each Keep contains 16 capture nodes Warriors can touch to change the nodes’ color to their team’s color
    • Once all capture nodes are one color, the Keep will be claimed by the team which captured it, giving team points
    • Enemy Warriors can repeat the previous steps to claim Keeps: the defending Warriors must make sure the capture nodes are their team’s color
    • Overtime initiates if the losing team owns one or more Keeps. Either the team in the lead has to claim all of the Keeps from the losing team to break Overtime or the losing team keeps control (pun kind of intended) of the Keeps to earn enough points to bypass the team in the lead to break Overtime and win the Battle (what a run-on sentence)
    • When Overtime is active, all Keeps dispense points to the losing team much faster. Any Keep the team in the lead owns does not dispense points to that team
  • Revitalized Team Deathmatch game mode (inspired by Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville):

    • The Battle will be split up into rounds: it’s a best of three rounds (the team which wins two of those rounds claims victory)
    • Each round lasts for three minutes
    • The objective is to eliminate every enemy Warrior from the other team to win a round
    • Every new round that starts will deactivate all Spawn Towers, there will be no respawning
    • When a Warrior is wiped out, they will respawn in the Lobby, abandoning their allies on the battlefield
    • If the timer expires and neither team has reached zero active Warriors, Overtime initiates. The Bell will begin to chime: each chime will deal damage proportionate to each active Warriors’ max HP (they can get eliminated this way). The longer Overtime lasts, the higher the damage will be. Overtime will break if either team has reached zero active Warriors
    • When a round finishes, Spawn Towers will be briefly activated and every Warrior will respawn back onto the battlefield for the next round
    • This revitalization was inspired by Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (a fairly new shooter game developed by PopCap Games)
  • Added new events to the Boss Rush game mode:

    • Overtime initiates if the Boss remains alive and there are still active Warriors. Overtime breaks if the Boss is defeated or there are zero active Warriors battling
    • Overtime deals damage to surviving Warriors and all Warriors who are eliminated respawn back in the Lobby
  • Third-person camera mode:

    • The camera will enter this mode when doing certain actions, such as equipping Gear that will initiate this feature
    • This new feature is mainly to help with mobile players aim better
    • Getting eliminated with this enabled will disable it
  • Added in-game currencies:

    • Battle Tokens (Warfare Mode currency, common currency)
    • Amethysts (premium currency used in the entire game)
  • Introducing the new Player Menu UI! This menu displays your current level and currencies as well as a few submenus:

    • Character
      • You can customize your Gear loadout for the next Battle (you may have three Gears in your loadout)
      • Other submenus in this submenu are still under construction
    • Settings
      • Customize your game settings to fit your play style (a reminder to report ANY problems if you come across any. This system is fairly new)
    • Warrior Profile
      • View your Warfare Mode statistics, such as the Badges you have earned (coming soon!)
    • Other information is also displayed, such as the server’s age and the server code (only shown in private servers)
  • New battle results screen now displays:

    • The outcome of the battle (e.g. which team won the Battle)
    • Individual player stats: your stats, final score, and rewards you’ve earned
  • Damage directional arrows UI: if you’re being attacked, directional arrows will appear onscreen and rotate to show where you where attacked from

  • Added a new visual queue when activating Special Abilities: your character’s right eye will glow (color representing team’s color)

  • New music to jam about! Some music may be subject to change in the future as we are approaching to create our own original music for the game



  • All servers max limit increased: 20 → 24 players

  • Buffed the Healing Aura Special Ability:

    • Healing Radius: 64 → 80 studs
    • Cooldown Timer: 70 → 50 seconds
  • Buffed the Healing Bomb Special Ability:

    • Partial Heal Percentage: 33% → 50% of Max HP (the amount nearby allies are healed for)
    • Cooldown Timer: 45 → 35 seconds
  • Buffed Lightning Staff:

    • Damage: 8 → 12 HP
    • Reload Time: 6 → 3 seconds
    • Cast Delay: 0.33 → 0.25 seconds
    • New mechanic: the Lightning Staff can now deal splash damage
      • Splash Rate: 0.33 seconds
      • Splash Damage: 6 HP
      • Splash Radius: 12 studs
  • Buffed Assault Rifle:

    • Minimum Range increased before damage falloff: 85 → 170 studs
    • Accuracy: 32% → 30% (lower percentage, better accuracy)
    • Fire Rate: 0.175 → 0.15 seconds
  • Buffed Pistol:

    • Minimum Range increased before damage falloff: 80 → 160 studs
    • Accuracy: 24% → 22% (lower percentage, better accuracy)
    • Damage: 15-26 → 16-28 HP
  • Buffed Uzi:

    • Minimum Range increased before damage falloff: 64 → 128 studs
    • Accuracy: 40% → 33% (lower percentage, better accuracy)
    • Damage: 10-16 → 10-18 HP
    • Fire Rate: 0.08 → 0.075 seconds
  • Buffed Machine Pistol:

    • Minimum Range increased before damage falloff: 72 → 144 studs
    • Accuracy: 26% → 25% (lower percentage, better accuracy)
    • Damage: 12-20 → 14-22 HP
  • Buffed Pump Shotgun:

    • Minimum Range increased before damage falloff: 100 → 150 studs
    • Accuracy: 38% → 35% (lower percentage, better accuracy)
    • Number of Bullets Fired per Burst: 8 → 10 / ties in with the damage
    • Damage
      • 9-18 → 10-18 HP / per bullet
      • 72-144 → 100-180 HP / all bullets connect: no critical hits
  • Buffed Tactical Shotgun:

    • Minimum Range increased before damage falloff: 80 → 120 studs
    • Accuracy: 42% → 40% (lower percentage, better accuracy)
    • Number of Bullets Fired per Burst: 8 → 10 / ties in with the damage
    • Damage
      • 6-12 → 7-12 HP / per bullet
      • 48-96 → 70-120 HP / all bullets connect: no critical hits
  • Buffed Shooting Stars:

    • Damage
      • Charge Stage 1: 60 → 65 HP
      • Charge Stage 2/3: 80 → 85 HP
      • Charge Stage 4: 100 → 110 HP
    • Explosion Radius
      • Charge Stage 1: 24 → 24 studs (remains the same as before)
      • Charge Stage 2: 30 → 32 studs
      • Charge Stage 3: 36 → 40 studs
      • Charge Stage 4: 42 → 48 studs


  • Debuffed Machine Pistol:

    • Reload Time: 2.25 → 2.5 seconds
  • Debuffed Assault Rifle:

    • Damage: 21-33 → 20-32 HP
  • Debuffed Shooting Stars:

    • Charge Time: 1.5 → 2.0 seconds

Removed Content

  • Removed the stamina system entirely (we felt it didn’t fit into our game). Read the Miscellaneous subsection to learn more

  • Temporarily disabled the Boss Rush game mode from the rotation to fix some bugs and polish up the game mode. It will return later through a Quick Patch

  • Temporarily disabled players from playing the game on mobile devices:

    • The new changes described above will not be compatible with mobile devices right now and will be re-enabled once they are. We recommend playing on a computer for now


  • (Ties in with the removal of the stamina system) When players take damage, their movement speeds (dashing/running/jumping) will be reduced for a few seconds, then return to normal

  • Added/modified/optimized visual effects (e.g. particles)

  • Changed HP regeneration:

    • HP Restored per Tick: 1% of Max HP → 5 HP
    • Regen Steps: regenerates HP at a rate
      • HP above 50%: 0.4 → 0.5 seconds
      • HP below 50%: 0.2 → 0.25 seconds
  • UI changes/revamps/redesigns

  • Modified sounds effects:

    • Increased/decreased volumes
    • Adjusted attenuation (how 3D sound effects get quieter over distance)



  • Fixed an issue where the player can accidentally unequip Gear by pressing keys not associated with said Gear

  • Fixed Team Crystals not teleporting players into battle when interacting with them

  • Fixed sounds on certain Gear not playing

  • Characters no longer fall over from tilting over/under too far due to dashing into objects


  • Added/moved most visual effects to render on the client: this reduces the changes of lag on the server

  • Default explosion effects no longer render visible when spawning too close to players:

    • This greatly reduces lag spikes on the player’s end
  • A few other minor optimizations to make the game run more smoothly

Starting/Hub Area

New Content

  • Revitalized!

    • Added new details:

      • Enabled terrain decoration
      • New bushes/shrubs, cattails, and rocks
      • Increased brightness/ambient lighting
    • Added a new minigame (Spleef Showdown) that can be played up to eight players



  • Teleportation crystals reworked:

    • One crystal now handles teleporting in-between servers in-game in the Starting/Hub Area
    • Removed the camera cinematic when entering/exiting the menu
  • UI changes/revamps/redesigns

You have reached end of the update log.

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