Roblox's Got Talent - Game Rules

Game Rules

#1 - Please be respectful to fellow players of the game. This includes respecting others’ opinions. No arguing!

#2 - Please don’t spam the chat. Spamming the chat can lead up to a ban.

#3 - Don’t abuse your host powers. This includes killing random people, voting too early or picking random maps for performers.

#4 - Judges must give a fair and unbiased opinion. If abusing your judge powers e.g Dinning someone for playing piano straight away. Then that could lead up to getting banned.

#5 - No singing or dancing allowed. The reason being is there is no effort put into this talent; singing is typing and dancing is saying a command.

#6 - Bypassing is not tolerated at RGT, and goes against the ROBLOX Terms and Conditions.

#7 - Playing inappropriate songs as a judge, performer (boombox) or server host is not allowed. This includes bypassed audios, troll music or ear-damaging audio.

#8 - Exploiting is NOT allowed at RGT and will get you permanently banned. No exceptions

#9 - Do NOT make false mod calls and waste an administrator’s time. Continuing to do so could lead up to a ban.

#10 - If an admin approaches you. Please don’t argue with or ignore the admin. Continuing to do something the admin has warned you about could lead up to a ban. If you leave the moment you are confronted by an admin, you will be banned for punishment evasion.

#11 - Do not interfere, interrupt, or argue with the moderation made by an administrator when they are moderating the game. (I.E Telling an administrator what to do, or telling them they took incorrect action). If you have a problem with the moderation, come to the Head Administrators with evidence.

#12 - Drawing any inappropriate imagery will result in a 5 day ban. No exceptions.

#13 - Alt accounts used for ban evasion, trolling or anything malicious will result in your accounts being banned, including your main!

#14 - Please do not advertise your game or group in RGT.

#15 - [Server Host] Server Hosts are not official staff members, and never will be. If you are caught mini-modding (Giving out “warnings” to people), your server host powers may be revoked! Please take a moment to read the server host rules here: Roblox’s Got Talent - Server Host Rules

#16 - Please follow ALL ROBLOX Terms and Conditions. Not doing that could not only get you banned from RGT but possibly could get you banned from ROBLOX itself.

Use common sense when playing Roblox’s Got Talent. Not all the rules are listed here, staff members can take action on you accordingly.
By playing Roblox’s Got Talent you automatically agree to these rules.


Thanks to those who made these rules!
YourCrazyTmo, svyaui, iFang_z and iiStr_x