Robux Revenue Chart + Group Funds Summary Misreporting


On September 16th, we rolled out a change that affected the Robux Revenue chart and the total group funds in the Group Revenue Summary page. This change resulted in both pages showing incorrect revenue; this was a reporting error, the actual earnings data is correct. The change was rolled back on October 2nd.

We are still actively working to fix the misreported data.


Sept 16th - Change rolled out which caused misreporting in robux revenue chart and group funds.

Oct 2nd - Change was rolled back and this issue should not be occurring on new data going forward.


The change was rolled back on October 2nd and earnings are accurate going forward. We are still working to fix / adjust the data that was misreported.

We will post an update once everything is completely resolved.


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Thank you for fixing! This was a huge issue in my group and I struggled for 2 weeks to go back and forth with support trying to find a fix! Glad you guys caught on.


I opened up my game for a few hours, 2 days ago.
2 Days ago it said it earnt 50k robux that day.
I checked again today and it says it earnt 145k robux that day.
I calculated the sales and it was only 50k.

So mine went from proper amount to a wrong amount today


Thank you for the transparency. It’s nice to know roblox is aware of our issues and was quick to resolve. Very reassuring that roblox heard our cries, thank you so much!


It is said that earnings have been fixed since October 2, but checking my devstats and comparing it to my pending sales, it still doesn’t seem to add up. It shows that I’ve generated around 250k the past 3 days on developer stats, but pending is still showing up only a fraction of what it should be.

Screenshots of earnings


Thank you very much for working on this.

I can’t wait till I see my nice and clean bobux be seen to me.


I knew those strange dips in my revenue analytics couldn’t be true. Glad to see this issue be noticed and resolved!


I had a group with literally nothing to sell and the group funds just kept increasing out of no where. And nobody has been playing our group game lately either. So I just gave away the free money to friends :slight_smile:


Looking at my group, there’s still R$146,199 unaccounted for in the ‘total’ amount


I noticed that it said I had earned over 200R$ from Premium Payouts - but this seemed rather strange to me as the Public games only had a total of 12 visits combined, and it really confused me as to where the Robux was from. I tried cashing it out and it worked surprisingly so I’m not sure if this is a glitch or if somebody with a Premium subscription just sat in my game for hours on end - but it really confused me.


My pending sales are still lower than they should be when compared to the daily robux revenue!


Also my colleagues had this bug too. Hoping Service will be fixed perfectly.


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