RocketPropulsion causing missile to spin

So, i was just messing around with RocketPropulsion and suddenly it started acting wierd, my missile is not facing the target correctly, it starts spinning instead of just maintaining a normal trajectory like a normal missile.

My code:

        local TARGET_RADIUS = 10
		local MAX_SPEED = 275 --299
		local MAX_TORQUE =, 40, 0) --40
		local MAX_THRUST = 50000
	    local THRUST_P = 100 --85
		local THRUST_D = 5 --85
		missile.Seeker.Anchored = false
	    missile.main.Anchored = false
		missile.surface.Anchored = false
		missile.Seeker.CFrame =, target.Position)
		missile.Parent = workspace
		local rocketPropulsion ="RocketPropulsion",missile.Seeker)
		rocketPropulsion.CartoonFactor = 0.4 --0.45
		rocketPropulsion.TargetRadius = TARGET_RADIUS
		rocketPropulsion.MaxSpeed = MAX_SPEED
		rocketPropulsion.MaxTorque = MAX_TORQUE
		rocketPropulsion.MaxThrust = MAX_THRUST
		rocketPropulsion.ThrustP = THRUST_P
		rocketPropulsion.ThrustD = THRUST_D
		rocketPropulsion.Target = target
		rocketPropulsion.Target.Position = target.Position

Any help is welcome.

Try setting the MAX_TORQUE to 0

kind of worked, it stopped spinning but it’s still facing the wrong direction.

Rocket propulsion is deprecated.
try using line force instead,

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Invert the Target.Position and see what happens


Is adding a BodyGyro or an attachment with an AlignOrientation out of the question?