RocketPropulsion working on Part but not on Union

Hello, Developers.

I have an issue with RocketPropulsion; It seems to work fine on a part but on a Union it just does not work. I do not know why; They are both unanchored and cancollide is on. Here is my code:

local c ="RocketPropulsion", part)
c.Target = workspace:WaitForChild(player.Name).HumanoidRootPart

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

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Maybe you should stick a “.Position” after the HumanoidRootPart. I don’t know much about rocketPropulsions.

Also, there’s a better way to get a player’s character.


character = player.Character

Have you tried to in Union and just weld parts ? Then try to launch rocket

I have tried to weld them, same result. I’m very confused :confused: