RoJoaca - Lua Programmer Portfolio

About Me
Hello there fellows! I am a 16 years old Lua Programmer that is offering his skills. I scripted for 4 years (including my skills when I was trying to get myself into game development with Solar2D or previously known as Corona SDK)
I worked on many solo projects these being a Volcano Surviving game (where I started learning Roblox’s api), Rocer (A racing game where I left because I wasn’t capable to 3d model), Long Punch (A “Arms” replica from Nintendo switch I left the project because lack of motivation) and recently a project I’m thinking of releasing called “Build War” (A build battle game where players are fighting for the best build in a certain topic)

My main game: - [NEW] Build War - Roblox
An avatar editor I did for someone in 2 hours - Avatar Editor place - Roblox (some fast bucks I did)
A time/weather system I did in 1 day - VerySmoothTimeWeatherThing - Roblox

What I can do?
Everything you want. The only thing will be that it depends on what you want the time is going to be done.

I’m available every day (unless I’m having some breaks from too much computer) I can work around 3-9 hours per day (or 2-5 hours if I have school)

Prices depends on what I have to do.

Contact me on Dev Forum/Roblox or Discord (Ro#8347)

Is my honor to work with you!

Nice work!! 30 chaaaaaasrrrrrrss