Roleset Permissions API


Currently as a roblox developer it is very difficult to get the permissions of a certain roleset in a group.
As I posted in my Scripting Support topic; the only real way to do this is to parse through the HTML and return values of what you receive.

Each roleset in a group had a specific ID that is unique to itself, this ID can be seen inside inspect element, or the html’s source code.


There is an example of a roleset ID as well as a permission. If the box is checked then you say that the roleset does indeed have access to that permission (in this case they can post on the group wall)


Allow developers to get the rolesets of a certain group as well as the permissions inside of a table.

It would be easier if it was included in the regular endpoint for groups.

    "Roles": [
            "Name": "Member",
            "Rank": 1,
            "Permissions": {
                "CanPostToWall": false,

Updated with help from Qxest

With the current API only users with the roleset can view the permissions as well as the group owner. This is rather hard to work with due to the fact that typically you don’t want to have your alternate account to own the group. (Unless its for personal usage and not public) This really limits what we’re able to do with things such as websites and discord bots.

Javascript Return Roleset Permissions


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We have an endpoint for this on the groups API.!/Membership/get_v1_groups_groupId_membership

Example response:

  "groupId": 25,
  "isPrimary": false,
  "isPendingJoin": false,
  "userRole": {
    "user": {
      "userId": 111179700,
      "username": "Iron_Legion",
      "buildersClubMembershipType": "OBC"
    "role": {
      "id": 252,
      "name": "Guest",
      "rank": 0
  "maxGroups": 100,
  "permissions": {
    "groupPostsPermissions": {
      "viewWall": true,
      "postToWall": false,
      "deleteFromWall": false,
      "viewStatus": false,
      "postToStatus": false
    "groupMembershipPermissions": {
      "changeRank": false,
      "inviteMembers": false,
      "removeMembers": false
    "groupManagementPermissions": {
      "manageRelationships": false,
      "manageClan": false,
      "viewAuditLogs": false
    "groupEconomyPermissions": {
      "spendGroupFunds": false,
      "advertiseGroup": true,
      "createItems": false,
      "manageItems": false,
      "addGroupPlaces": false,
      "manageGroupGames": false,
      "viewGroupPayouts": false