Roman Building Fit well in realistic nature map?

I have a simple question. There might be a better place to put this post, but currently this is the only place I know where to put it. I bought a roman building from @race_guy09 and I put it into my realistic map that’s in heavily WIP. I was wondering, if it looks good or not. You can decide on the poll, and if you have any suggestions or comments, that would be great.

Here are some images of the roman build.


  • Looks nice as is…
  • Move it to a different spot.
  • Remove it completely.

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Thanks! :100:

I like the placement of the roman build. Placing the building on top of the hill is smart since it makes the building stand out more.

I think the hill is too small for the base of the building.
Other than that looks good .3.

Try using more color correct effects for lighting.


The hill is too small for the build. You should look at the Greek Akropolis as one of the main examples of how it should look like. You don’t need to add all of those ruins but you can see that there’s a lot of room around the build on top.

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I belive it looks dead cool where it is at the moment. If you try decreasing the height of the hill and making the hill a little wider that would be cool!

Wow you’ve put a lot of bloom and blur on that - it looks like someone has rubbed grease all over the camera! Right now I’m struggling to tell what it looks like, I suggest tuning that down, and also getting some slightly brighter lighting


In general I love the design of the roman buildings, but maybe you can fix up the terrain a little bit because it looks like it is place a little to high off the group because that hill is like really steep but that is just me.

I dislike its placement. The building is amazing, but its colors don’t fit well with the land around it. In my eyes, I think the house (In the second photo) doesn’t look so good next to the building.
But, that’s just me. I see most people like the placement.

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I see that most people like it’s placement too. I am weary about it though. I personally think it doesn’t go with the map, but I wanted to see what other people thought. Thank you so much for your feedback and Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey:

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This looks great where it is, as others mentioned. I feel like you could incorporate some bushes and flowers around the building. And maybe merge the building’s stairs into the ground a little considering it’s an old building?

That’s all I have.

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I would have liked to see some shots on the top, to see if it would have looked nice, or looked not that bad. But on the hill, it’s not that bad. I would recommend to move it to a not so flat area.

I like the fact that the building is placed on a hill, but the hill is way to steep. Make it a more subtle transition from ground to the top of the hill. It would look more natural.


Looks great! Only changes I would make is to make the hill surface a little larger but the gradient to get to the hill less steep.