Room Key System Not Working

Hello, I am trying to make a Room Keycard system but I am coming up on some difficulties.

  • The system itself somewhat works, since I get the tool and the tool gets the name, but the ToolTip is just nil, and there is no output message or error.

local Repl = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local GiveRoom = Repl.Events.GiveRoom

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local RoomMetadata = {
	TotalRooms = {};
	AvailebleRooms = 12;
	StartRoom_Number = 100;

	local HasRoom ="BoolValue")
	local RoomNumber ="NumberValue")
	HasRoom.Parent = Player
	RoomNumber.Parent = HasRoom
	HasRoom.Name = "HasRoom"
	RoomNumber.Name = "RoomNumber"	

GiveRoom.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, value)
	local Room_KeyTemplate = Repl.KeyTemplate
	if not table.find(RoomMetadata.TotalRooms, value) then
		table.insert(RoomMetadata.TotalRooms, value)
		RoomMetadata.AvailebleRooms -= 1
		local Key = Room_KeyTemplate:Clone()
		Key.Parent = Player:WaitForChild("Backpack")
		Key.ToolTip = tostring(value)
		Key.Name = "Room Key"
		return false		
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Did you use a Local Script or a Server Script?

Server script since it handles the event, and used a local script to fire the event through a GUI Button.

So, I gathered some info. I completed the tool giving like you did with GUI button.
The only reason it was nil was because you never specified your tostring(value)

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What do you mean I never specified my tostring?

Why do you have why not just
Rep.giveroom? Or does giveroom have a parent

Because I organized and store all of my events in a Folder called “Events”.


the value for your string was never mentioned inside the script.

Actually the value, is a event argument, and in my local script I fired the event using the proper argument.

You should try placing the value inside the Server Script as it only runs the event through that script.