Rope Length Issue

So, Im trying to get make the rope length the distance between the player’s humanoid root part and the attachment I put at the mouse point but it keeps giving me zero for some reason

local Rope ="RopeConstraint")
Rope.Name = ropename
Rope.Restitution = 1
Rope.Length = (hit.p - humrp.Position)
Rope.Parent = handparent
Rope.Color ="Institutional white")
Rope.Thickness = .12
Rope.Enabled = true
Rope.Visible = true
Rope.Attachment0 = attach0
Rope.Attachment1 = MouseAttachment
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Rope.Length should be a number. (hit.p - humrp.Position) is a Vector3. You probably meant to do (hit.p - humrp.Position).Magnitude instead (.Magnitude returns the length of a Vector3).

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Oh crap wow dang thanks man thats what I meant