Rosetta Training Guide!

Rosetta Training Guide :roblox_light:

“Aesthetically pleasing food, given to you.”


Announce this session on the group page, ensure that you have announced the time of beginning & the timezone as well check for other sessions so yours doesn’t clash with other sessions. You are required to announce the session at least 30 minutes before it begins.
Wait for the session to commence, you must be in the game while waiting. Take this time answering questions & assisting those in need.
STEP 3: Hosting Guide, use this by copying & pasting (CTRL + C) & (CTRL V)
The prefix is : , so place this at the front of every command you do. If you didn’t know, the sections with the grey lines between them are is the dialogue you will need to be doing for the briefing. For example, “:h We will now proceed, you will now all be muted.” DO NOT SAY ANYTHING IN ITALICS.

: h Welcome to this TRIAL>JUNIOR>BARISTA>SENIOR training session, I am your host (Name), please stay seated as we wait for the session to commence.

Insert beginning of session here.

h We will now proceed, you will all now be muted.
mute all
h Welcome! My name is [Name], I will be your host for today! This is a training session for yourself to achieve the next barista rank.
h Before we proceed, I will go through a few rules.
h Please remember that you will be required to use at least a below average use of grammar in order to become your next barista role.
h Using abusive, forceful or rude behaviour towards another user will result in termination from this session.
h When we begin, TrainERs must select at least 1-3 TrainEEs to join them.
sm TrainEEs must stay seated as they wait patiently for TrainERs to select themselves.
unmute all
h Do you have any questions?

Answers questions.
Questions answered.

h We will now BEGIN, TrainERs please proceed by selecting TrainEEs to train, good luck!

This is where you ensure that everything is running smooth & to instruct anyone in which is in need of assistance or has a question.

Remaining TrainEEs have passed & have been brought to the STS line to wait for the host to role them.

h Congratulations remaining TrainERs, you have passed this interview session! Please wait for me to rank each of you.

This is the cool part, where you role the TrainEEs& constantly get “Thank you!”, not a problem, just say “No problem” etc.

Ranking finished.
Dismisses TrainERs

Host thanks the TrainERs for attending, dismisses TrainERs.

While waiting take time to answer questions or assist anyone in need.
Host is doing the briefing.
Host has announced TrainERs must begin.
You select at least 1-5 TrainEEs to train.
You direct them towards your desired training room.
You ask them to “Please choose a counter & stand behind it.”

Hey there! My name is [Name], I will be your trainer for today! Before we begin, do you have any questions or concerns?

If any, answer. If none, proceed to,

Alrighty, we will now proceed with training!
We have IIII sections to go through, this consists of the greeting test, knowledge test, drink/food test & the trolling test.
Are we ready?
Okay, SECTION I - Greetings, this is where I will walk up to your counter, you will be required to show your greeting as I stand in front of your counter.
For example, “Hey there! Welcome to Rosetta, how may I serve you today”
I will give you a few seconds to type one out & copy-paste it. (CTRL + C) to copy off your notepad & (CTRL & V) to paste text into the chat.
You will have a couple of seconds to do this, say “READY” when you’re ready.

All users have stated “READY”, proceed to randomly walk up to their counters & test their greetings.
If a user isn’t responding ask them to respond kindly & if they are AFK respawn them. :respawn (player name)

Strike users based on failure to have an exceptional complete greeting.

Alright, that concludes Section I, let’s move onto Section II!
SECTION II - Knowledge Test, this is where I will walk up to your counter & ask you a question based on the cafe. Ready?

Here are some questions you may ask:

How many warnings do trollers get?
How do I become MR?
How do I deal with exploiters?
How do I get a promotion?
If I hack, do I get banned?

Strike users based on if they are unable to answer or have answered completely incorrectly, be kind & answer the question yourself to explain what the correct answer is.

Alright, that concludes section II, let’s move onto section III!
SECTION III - Drink/Food Assessment, this is where we test your skills when it comes to preparing & making food/drink. To be honest, it’s pretty simple & basic.
Behind you is the production area, so you’ll be making your drinks & food there.
I will be ordering random items, you will be required to make that item & to hand it to me using /H [Name.]

Proceed with this section.
Do an exceptional amount of orders.
Alright, so that concludes section III.
Distribute strikes depending on how late trainees are to serve you.

Okay, that concludes section SIII of the training process. Let’s move onto SIIII, shall we?
SIIII - Trolling Assessment, this is where we will roleplay a scenario, myself will play the Customer, you will play the Barista.

Proceed with this assessment.
Remember to act as the customer & you are trolling the barista.
When you finish, distribute strikes for those who didn’t give a warning to you roleplaying as the troller, don’t be too strict with it though!

Alright, that concludes section IIII of this training as well as this session!

This is where you will be congratulating your remaining trainees from passing your session, also bring them to the STS line for them to get ranked by the host.

Example dialogue for saying to wait at the STS line:

Thanks for coming, you have passed this training session! You will be roled by the host, remember to have fun!

If there are any more trainees

Alright, I will be getting my next lot of trainees, bye!

Repeat process.


Thanks for reading,
eackerman1, Rosetta Founder.