RoSound 2.2.1: Audio discovery made simple [1.5K+ installs]

Update 1.7 is almost out! Thanks for your patience.

I’ve got exciting news:


Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooo


Would you mind sharing the method when it comes out? If so it could help a lot of people!

I actually found out the method and told it to him, it should be coming soon!

The method is basically to create an invisible or visible widget and add an frame in it with an sound instance and you can :Play() or :Stop() the sound!

Oh ok! Can’t wait!! This will definitely make the plug-in 10x better :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you’re wondering , this is the legend who found it out, so credits to him


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This dosent work , just use the hacky method, nice try tho

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But surely, isn’t this the role of the Toolbox? i like the idea but I just think that using the toolbox is a quicker and easier way of getting game sounds :slight_smile:

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The toolbox is a really bad method of finding audio. It shows random low-quality junk or Roblox sounds that nobody wants or needs. RoSound is a curated sound library.

@regexman, thanks for figuring this out.

also, i did a little test and it actually worked, time to continue my plugin


But, I am trying to understand why I would need this when there is already a tool out there that does this. All the music you are adding comes from the toolbox, plus more!

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I believe that @bitsNbytez is trying to make a place where you only find good audio. While you do have the toolbox with a ton of audios he is just taking the high quality audios and putting them in his plug-in so you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of low quality sounds, making the process of finding sounds a lot easier!

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The Toolbox Sound tab is the worst place to search for Sounds that i’ve ever seen.


To explain it better, the toolbox sound tab is the worst place to search for sound as as @CrisLatex said. It loads very very slowly, and when it finishes loading it takes ages to play the music. Definitely think this plugin is a 100x better than the toolbox one!

But it’s just optional. If you don’t want to use this plugin, just don’t. Nobody’s forcing you here.

Also, I rarely download plugins, so this is probably one of the plugins I’d love to download! 10/10, good job!

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That actually helped me in my dev experience, thank you!

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It’s awesome! But I want to suggest some stuff:

  1. More sounds.
  2. Dark mode maybe?
  3. More genres
  4. Song/sounds order (alphabetical, from Z-A)
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@AChubarokManager Well, I would agree with that

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Thanks for your feedback. Update 1.7 will add:

  • Pause feature
  • 10-15 new sounds
  • Improved filtering

These are features in consideration:

  • Dark mode
  • Post-processing effects
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