RoSource Dev-Log #1

RoSource Dev-Log #1: May 18th - May 24th
Welcome to our first dev-log everyone! For those of you new to RoSource, we are a group that is bringing a new, high-quality Half Life 2 experience to Roblox. Check out our group here.

This week was a big week for building. Tons of new areas are completed and we’re a lot closer to having a full map. In the scripting department, the custom tool system was started this week.

Progress this week includes…

Gray Apartment Building Interiors

The largest publicly available apartment complex. This building was built in the authentic Half Life 2 style and it will service as housing for many civilians.

Yellow Apartment Building Interiors

This apartment building located in the Plaza Courtyard is composed of cheaper, smaller housing units meant for lower-status civilians. These apartments are great places to stay while you’re working your way up the ladder.

The Grizzly Grotto

The Grizzly Grotto will be a main attraction to civilians across the city. Whether you want to have some refreshments, talk with a friend, or do some totally legitimate business, the Grotto is the place for you.

The Nexus Side Building

The Nexus Side Building is, well, a building to the side of the Nexus courtyard. This building will provide storage as well as general shopping needs to the Combine forces stationed in City-17.

Custom Tool System

This week scripting focused on the custom tool system that will go with the character system. The structure of this system is completed, the next steps are figuring out a lot of hard IK stuff & adding replication.

Since this is our first official dev-log, we wanted to include some of the major pieces of progress we’ve made so far.

Some of our big progress so far has been…

The Nexus

The Nexus is the base of operations for the Combine, as most of you probably already know. Combine will find varying areas such as equipment rooms, training rooms, and civilian interrogation rooms.

Nexus Interior

While the Nexus will be used as the Combine’s base of operations, it’s also home to many jobs for loyalists. The Nexus has a double-gated entrance to ensure maximum security when civilians are entering and leaving.

Character System

RoSource’s HL2RPG will use a completely scripted characters which function using inverse kinematics. This allows us to do all kinds of cool stuff with animation and it makes characters seem a lot more real versus the goofy Roblox animations we’re all used to.
YouTube Overview

The Plaza

The Plaza is the city center where all walks of life meet, located in between the poorer housing, loyalist housing, and the Nexus.

The Slums

The Slums are the least patrolled and most shady section of the city, providing an escape for rebels and dealers.

The Train Station

Serving as a spawn point for new civilians as well as a transit hub, the trainstation is vital for the entry of new civilian.