Rotated Images Show Outside a ScrollingFrame

Edit: Happens with ANYTHING rotated, including TextLabels, TextButtons, etc.

Hello. So, I’ve been working on a ShopGui with some modern design. Basically everything in the shop is imagelabels with the assetid of rbxassetid://870697538. I use a scrolling frame to ‘switch’ through categories and hide the previous frame. However, I found a bug when using ROTATED ImageLabels, those ImageLabels still show OUTSIDE the ScrollingFrame.

This happens everything there is an ImageLabel under any type of rotation not 0 outside a ScrollingFrame.

Happens in Studio AND on the Client.

Here is a GIF with rotation (I disabled my Visble = false line of code for the demonstration):

And here is a GIF WITHOUT Rotation:

An issue with roblox. Not really a bug, just something they never coded because it was really expensive to do so.

Yeah, this is a missing feature rather than a bug. You can use the search feature to find more threads about it and also plenty of engineer responses explaining why it is a hard issue.

See here:

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Ah okay. I tried to search using different keywords and guess I didn’t find it. If anyone could close this, that’d be okay then.