Rotating Parts Not Working as Intended

Hey Roblox developers!
I came across this issue today where some parts have different orientations when setting their cframes.

local Clone = WeaponModel:Clone()
						Clone.Parent = HumanoidRootPart
						local Weld ="WeldConstraint", HumanoidRootPart.WeaponPlacement.PrimaryPart.GuidePart)
						Weld.Part0 = Clone.Handle
						Weld.Part1 = HumanoidRootPart.WeaponPlacement.PrimaryPart.GuidePart

Some objects like this are placed properly while others are not.


If anyone can help, please leave a reply, thanks!

Both of the handles are facing the correct direction. The problem is that the stop sign handle is not stretched in the Y axis. You can change the handle of the stop sign to an invisible part which faces the correct direction. Cylinders are strange, as the look vector is not pointed towards the flat ends.

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